Dowel Pins

What is a dowel pin?

At Suburban Industries, making dowel pins is our specialty.  We can make the highest-quality pins for any job.

We understand how important tight tolerances are. Standard tolerances for our dowel pins are +.0001 / +.0003, unless specified as oversize.  Our dowel pins all have a non-abrasive finish so they last as long as possible. The smallest pin diameter starts at 1/64″.

We offer:

  • Fractional Dowel Pins
  • Metric Dowel Pins
  • Hardened Dowel Pins
  • Oversized Dowel Pins
  • Undersized Dowel Pins
  • DFARS Dowel Pins
  • Ground Dowel Pins

If you need a different material or size than is standard, please visit our special/custom items page.

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