Dowel Pins: An Introduction

What is a dowel pin? Dowel pins are a type of fastening tool. They are common in multiple industries, made from multiple types of materials.

What do dowel pins do? A lot. They can attach and align components, act as axles, and prevent movement in an assembly.

Where are dowel pins used? You can find dowel pins in toys, machinery, and assemblies. Also, they are popular in industrial applications. Dowel pins align parts for surgical instruments and hydraulic valves; do alignment of microscopes, cameras, and other research equipment; and are in the molds and dies of small motors.

Why are dowel pins so common? There are four main reasons for the dowel pin’s popularity:

  1. As shown above, they are very versatile, as shown above.
  2. They tend to have a lower cost than other fastening options.
  3. Dowel pins can be installed quickly.
  4. Finally, they lack moving parts.

Suburban Industries specializes in the manufacture of metal dowel pins.  We offer the following varieties:

  • Fractional Dowel Pins
  • Metric Dowel Pins
  • Hardened Dowel Pins
  • Oversized Dowel Pins
  • Undersized Dowel Pins
  • DFARS Dowel Pins
  • Ground Dowel Pins

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