SUBURBAN INDUSTRIES is a top domestic manufacturer of metal dowel pins, studs, pull pins, and threaded rods.




As a Midwestern manufacturer, Suburban Industries makes our products in-house in the Chicagoland area.  In 2022 we moved to a larger location in Elmhurst, IL.  This has enabled us to provide more for our customers than ever before.



Suburban is built on decades of experience and expertise.  We invest in top machines, superb employees, and materials from trusted sources to create the highest quality parts.  Our tight tolerances are in the ten-thousandths.

We also provide traceability for all parts manufactured.  Because we are involved in the material sourcing and the machining, we can answer your questions and help troubleshoot your problems.  Plus, you can be sure we’ll give you the most competitive quotes possible for domestic made products.



Though we offer a wide range of standard products, we’re particularly proud of our ability to make specials and custom items.  We can manufacture from a print, repair a discontinued part, or even create something new to fix an unusual problem.  Our vast capabilities allow us to make what you need, exactly how you need it.


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A Note On Shipping:

Products are shipped Free On Board (F.O.B.) shipping point.  Suburban Industries pays freight costs and handling fees, and then charges them to the customer. Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) shipments are not permitted. Other terms and conditions may apply for freight collect, export orders, hazardous materials, special handling, or shipments outside the contiguous United States. The customer must pay any extra charges incurred for additional services, such as customer’s carrier or special handling by the carrier. Title and risk of loss pass to the customer upon tender of shipment to the carrier. If product is damaged in transit, customer must file claim with the carrier.  For custom items, Suburban Industries has the right to ship 10% over or under the amount requested.

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