Steel Dowel Pins

steel dowel pin

We make our steel dowel pins from 1144 carbon steel.  We then heat-treat the pins to RhC 60-62 at a case depth of 0.03”. This heat treatment process makes the pins strong enough for demanding applications.  Finally, the pins are dipped into a rust preventative to increase their durability.

These pins meet ASME B18.8.2 material specification.

Learn more about hardened dowel pins, including our hardened steel dowel pins, on our blog.

Standard specifications:
Diameter – 1/64” to 1 ½”, 0.4 mm to 114.0 mm
Length – 3/32” to 10”, 2.4 mm to 254.0 mm
Fits – Press and slip

If you need a pin outside these standards, visit our special/custom products page.

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