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Dowel Pins: An Introduction

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What is a dowel pin? Dowel pins are a type of fastening tool. They are common in multiple industries, made from multiple types of materials. What do dowel pins do? A lot. They can attach and align components, act as axles, and prevent movement in an assembly. Where are dowel pins used? You can find […]

Hardened Dowel Pins

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Suburban makes custom hardened dowel pins! Hardened dowel pins are durable and versatile.  They can stand up to corrosive, mechanical, and high-friction environments.  Because of this, they provide the best fit, alignment, and pivot capabilities possible.  Use hardened dowel pins in such jobs as large machinery, microscopes, cameras, and research equipment. It’s not easy to […]

New Tsugami CNC Offers Better Turnaround, Tolerances

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Suburban Industries added one more machine to their already impressive fleet of production equipment — a Tsugami CNC Precision Automatic Lathe, which means quicker turnaround times for our customers using state-of-the-art technology. Designed for superior flexibility, the B0205-II CNC machine allows for front and back machining simultaneously for the utmost complexities. This includes off-center drilling […]

What is a Dowel Pin?

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Assemblies, toys, and machinery all typically use dowel pins to serve as structure or to hold units together. With no moving components and a high coefficient of friction, pins are of the most common fastening methods used. Their lower cost and quick installation also factor into this equation. Pins work well in many applications because […]

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