Pull Pins

A pull pin holds the position of indexing devices. They are used in many applications, such as military vehicles and aircraft, food machinery, racing cars, and yacht equipment.

Standard pull pins can shift or fall out of place in environments where there is excessive vibration or irregular mating holes. In these applications, it’s best to use a vented pull pin. The air relief from the vent prevents movement and helps the pull pin stay in place.

Our pull pins have internal threading, making them 100% reusable. We are offering both metric and fractional sizes.

Standard sizes:
Diameter – .25 of an inch to 1 inch, 6.5mm to 25mm
Length – 1/2 of an inch to 4 inch, 12.5mm to 101mm
+0.0002 Standard Tolerance: +0.0001” to +0.0003”

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